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....elders of the song

I am very humbled to be asked to maintain this blog….. as you can tell it is somewhat mystical… or shall i just say…. a mystery… just what is going on here… well look no further than tiandra…. you can blame me…..

Today i want to write about “Trees”….. over the course of the last several years, my awareness of their importance in my life has expanded…. to the point now that trees and myself have a silent communications in understanding…. “I think i hear them”…… i hear them through the energy they emit translated to symbols…. and that is what i want to write about…

They are in one way….”The silent Gods of the Earth”…… all of nature depends upon them…. Silent yet they are….

Several years back… i learned that trees share nutrients with each other through their root systems…. trees will pass sugar around for example….. strange i thought to myself, this means a journey in a thousand departures….

As i absorb this value in understanding to establish its truth….. trees and myself began to unlocked many interesting truths about ourselves to each other…. for which i am thankful, my back ground does not earn this acceptance easily. They have had to encourage me in their ever very patient ways…


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  1. just was taking a wonder on through. love how the picture shows clarity in the forest and misty fog in the distance where a bench and open ness with snow residual greets the viewer. such a lovely photo, one might say it is full of “mystery”

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